SPECTRUM SINGING with Dr. Erin Hackel: Of the many styles of singing, none has been more contentious to voice teachers and students than the belt voice.  Often wrongly considered dangerous and risky, and rarely addressed in classical voice studios, belting is the often maligned and rarely researched sister to classical voice techniques.  Spectrum Singing is Dr. Erin Hackel’s proven method of teaching singers to perform healthfully in all styles. Spectrum will show you how to use your voice in a healthful, functional way that eliminates all breaks, cracks and passagio issues.  Learn to belt high with no strain or stress, and how to maximize your vocal potential.


OUR VOICE OF FREEDOM with Tossie Long: SING! to heal. incite. change. express. fight. love. Facilitated by Bay Area vocalist and multidisciplinary performer Tossie Long, we can continue to build community through exploring harmony, chanting, and rhythm-making. No experience needed – just a need to use your voice.


STYLE FREE with RyanNicole: Learn how to swim - VOCALLY - with a freestyle workshop that will encourage you to bring your unique gifts and skills to the cypher.  Be you a singer, rapper, beatboxer, poet, or spectator we all have something to add to the cypher. Let's come together, relinquish judgement, take a risk & get free in a workshop that will help elevate techniques you already have for use in improvisational settings, like a hip hop freestyle cypher.


HOLISTIC HARMONY SINGING with Lisa Forkish & HIVE: When we sing with others in harmony, there is something powerfully intangible, some may even say magical, taking place. When we use our voices to authentically express our whole being (heart+mind+spirit), it can be a transformative experience for ourselves and in most cases, for our audience as well. Thus, when we use our voices with others, each of us authentically expressing our being and creating a larger whole, the impact is then greater and deeper; we are literally making harmony in the world. Assisted by the rest of her vocal group HIVE, Lisa will lead an interactive, inspiring and empowering session on our profound capacity to connect, transform and bring greater harmony into the world through singing together.


BODY RHYTHMS: STEPPING AND BODY PERCUSSION with Antwan Davis: This beginner/intermediate Stepping and Body Percussion class features elements of Greek collegiate stepping and stomp style body percussion. By the end of the class your body, mind, and voice will be challenged. You will also receive the elements to make your own steps in this very interactive workshop!

DIVERSITY, DANCE FLOORS & DECOLONIZATION with Nina Kasuya, Christina Wilson & Bryan Guffey: We’ve all been to a party where you walk in and realize you don’t know anyone. Your heart starts rushing and your hands get clammy as you make your way to the bar or snack table for some refuge. Can you imagine how different that party would have been if someone had asked you to dance? In this class, you will be introduced to strategies to that will help you to support all of the different identities in your group. We will consider our own identity markers and language choices to help set a foundation for diverse and inclusive group spaces. Attendees will leave the class with a greater understanding of the relationship between diversity & inclusion in the a cappella space, and how this foundation can build more rewarding experiences for musical success and personal growth.

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