WACA aims to foster and advance authenticity, connection, creativity and inclusivity - onstage and off - within the a cappella community and beyond, with a dedicated effort to highlight and lift up women, LGBTQ+ and people of color. 

For nearly seven years, the Women’s A Cappella Association has been bringing people together, creating a beautiful community of singers that celebrates and supports one another. WACA has hosted six SheSings festivals - celebrating women-identified singers, educators and producers in the field - and this March will mark our very first WeSing Festival, expanding our vision of inclusivity and lifting up marginalized voices. It has been an honor and a joy to put on our festivals, curate our compilation albums, and connect with our members and wider community.

So, it is bittersweet to share that this will be WACA’s last year. After our festival in March, we will be closing our doors. Our nonprofit is small, and we have steadily and mightily maintained it over the years through the tireless work of our board, staff and volunteers. Nevertheless, the challenges of running a nonprofit are no longer sustainable. WACA staff, including myself, will continue to live out WACA’s mission through other projects and endeavors, and it is my personal aim to continue the tradition of a WeSing festival in the Bay Area. WACA’s work on diversity and inclusion continues through a task force created in partnership with CASA (Contemporary A Cappella Society), as well as the development of several resources that will live online for all after we have closed shop.

A HUGE thank you to all of the folks who have been involved with WACA over the years -- volunteers, board members, educators, performers, festival participants, and of course our members! WACA would not be WACA without you. We love and appreciate you all, and hope to see you March 15th-17th at WeSing 2019 for what is sure to be another incredible weekend of connection and song.


With love,

Lisa Forkish
WACA Co-Founder and Executive Director

A Message From Our Executive Director, January 2019:

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