WACA aims to:

CELEBRATE what women are already doing in a cappella.​

​EXPLORE what women could be doing and how.​

​EMPOWER all girls and women in a cappella to take risks, push boundaries and be themselves.​

​EDUCATE women and men in a cappella on the nature of being a woman in the arts and the capacity we have for growth, innovation, strength and most importantly, making our voices heard.
A Message From Our Executive Director:
For nearly seven years, the Women’s A Cappella Association has been bringing people together, creating a beautiful community of singers that celebrates and supports one another. WACA has hosted six SheSings festivals - celebrating women-identified singers, educators and producers in the field - and this March will mark our very first WeSing Festival, expanding our vision of inclusivity and lifting up marginalized voices. It has been an honor and a joy to put on our festivals, curate our compilation albums, and connect with our members and wider community. Read more...
2019 WeSing Promo Video!
The WeSing Vocal Festival is an empowering, educational and community-centered event for singers and vocal music enthusiasts of all ages, gender identities and stylistic preferences. WeSing aims to bring people together via the transformative power of vocal music. Through community and connection-building, circle-singing, live performances and inspiring, interactive workshops, WeSing wants its participants to leave the event restored and uplifted. WeSing is produced by the Women's A Cappella Association, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering and advancing authenticity, connection, creativity and inclusivity - onstage and off - within the a cappella community and beyond, with a dedicated effort to highlight and lift up women, LGBTQ+ and people of color.
Our 2019 Saturday concert will feature a dynamic and innovative lineup of performers including: HIVE, Afro-Futuristic Soul band Elephantine, award winning artist/activist Ryan Nicole, and award-winning high school ensemble OSA Vocal Rush! Tickets on sale now!

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